About Dr. Jacalyn


Professionalism and Experience

My experience includes 25 years in corporate America helping drive behavior change in organizations and with individuals. 

I have both a Masters and Doctorate degree. My doctoral work was specific to how incentives can drive behavior change across gender and generation of a sales organization. 

 I have two degrees in finance, am an independent licensed insurance agent in Pennsylvania and New Jersey, a fund manager for two alternative investments, a licensed real estate agent in Pennsylvania and a certified holistic, life and career coach.

 I am the host of Rapping with Dr. Jacalyn on RVNtv.tv where my show airs on Thursdays at 9 pm EST and the following Wednesday at Noon EST. On Friday nights at 5 pm EST, I am interviewed by Mike David from Business Talk Radio in New York. 

In addition, I am living with ulcerative colitis for 30 years and psoriasis for 1 and am well versed on how to thrive while living with an incurable disease. I lead a support group and am on the board of the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation. I am very active as a volunteer for both the Crohn's & Colitis Foundation and the National Psoriasis Foundation. I live in the Philadelphia area and I have been a Union League of Philadelphia member since November 2014.


Change your life NOW!

My goal is to help you create and maintain the tools you need to overcome your fears, obstacles and challenges to be the best version of you and to find financial freedom. With extensive experience in helping corporate clients, patients, caregivers and academic colleagues tap into their internal and external motivation cues, I bring a unique perspective and a vast history of client success. My individualized positivity approach and life experiences in living with a chronic illness for 30 years has enabled me to help others in many ways. Let me share this with you. I earned my Doctorate in 2011 while working and did not let my illness keep me from achieving my dreams. Let me help you discover your authentic self. Call for a free consultation. Book online.  


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