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Life, Health, Career and Financial Coaching-What's in it for you?

Lose the stress. Lose the anxiety. Declutter your brain. Take action. Gain wealth. Feel comfortable in your own skin. In your home. In your place of business. With your investments. 

Let’s define coaching: Coaching enables clients and organizations to achieve previously unattainable and more satisfying results which then promote higher awareness and self esteem. Coaches work with clients in all areas including business, career, finances, health and relationships. With coaching, clients learn to improve their understanding of human behavior while enhancing their quality of life. The key takeaway is that clients set better goals, take more action, make better decisions, and more fully use their natural strengths.

How can a coach help you?  Coaches are trained to listen, observe and ask powerful questions. Based on the client’s proclaimed needs for the session, coaches customize their approach to the individual client and his or her desired outcome for the session. Through coaching, clients are able to elicit solutions and strategies they then use as tools to live a more meaningful, less anxiety laden life.  Coaches believe that the client has an innate ability to be creative and resourceful and will demonstrate these skills through a coach’s support. The coach's job is to help the client to enhance the skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has within themselves. The coach allows the client to direct the coaching session while providing feedback and an objective perspective. The client is responsible for using the tools and feedback to take the steps necessary to produce the results he or she desires. This will usually include homework that the client needs to do in between sessions so that they are honing their own skills more quickly.

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Jacalyn Kerbeck; MBA, DBA



Why can a life coach do for me?

-Do you have chaos in your life?

-Are you involved with a conflict you can resolve?

-Is your relationship on the rocks?

-Do you have chronic pain or health issues?

-Are you upset about getting older?

-Do you want to change careers?

-Is the news getting to you?

-Do you feel isolated or alone?

-Are you going through a mid-life crisis?

Dr. Jacalyn will help you with all of these issues and more. Sign up for an appointment on the next page. 


What kind of commitment do I need to make?

Every client jointly signs a commitment contract with their life coach.  We set the terms of the commitment contract to fit your individual goals and plans. 


How do we get started?

The first step is to schedule an introductory session.  In that session, we will get an idea of how well we work together and what our next steps should be from there. Email me at or call me at (610) 745-3113